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  1. Qbit GPS Tracker – Micro sized GPS Tracker with live audio
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All you have to do is log in with the supplied access data and a GPS position can be queried at any time. Many other functions: Route tracking, electronic logbook, fuel consumption, motion and noise alarms. Download the app in Google Play or App Store and log in with the provided access data. The setup is already complete.

Qbit GPS Tracker – Micro sized GPS Tracker with live audio

Additional voice recognition: If sudden noises occur, you will receive an alarm message on your mobile phone — ideal as a baby phone. Keep an electronic logbook. Whether prepaid or contract.

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Hint: Order a prepaid SIM card here. Apart from a few small deviations in the live recording of the distance covered according to the app, the dog ran through the pond, but actually passed it and the live tracking of the route, I am very satisfied. The battery lasts very long.

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Our Collie wears it without problems on the collar. After a long comparison, I deliberately chose this product and am thrilled.

The device arrived quickly and it was always well informed and sent instructions. The activation was smooth and very personal. Questions were answered immediately. Works well and does what it should! Even makes itself noticed by message when the battery goes empty.

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I would recommend! Lost Your Password? Username or E-mail:. Checkout Mein Konto Wunschliste Warenkorb. No extra costs. All-in-one package. To the Shop. What our customers say. Connected to the car battery with GPS locate at anytime and any location. What more do you want Trax comes with its own subscription, just like your mobile telephone, granting the best possible coverage and free roaming in all of our supported countries!

Tracker is ergonomic and reliable — battery life lasts, app is intuitive and setup is a breeze. Navigation on map and review of location history are nice features too. I use Trax for my 5-year-old and it works well for me. It has many great features and it sends accurate location data. In the beginning we were setting the geofence a bit wrong as we drew the fence too close to the middle point. This did that the signal was jumping and bouncing too much and it looked like the tracker was moving all the time even though it was inside the house.

Over 280,000 people receive our email newsletter

But then I realised we should draw that radius of the geofence a bit bigger then it worked really well. So it works well if you use it right! I love this product, very nice app and super easy to use.

I also love the Augmented Reality function! Especially useful when traveling. I bought the Trax Play for my elderly mother. We have multiple people keeping an eye out for her and the sense of security is fabulous.

8 Best GPS Trackers for Hiking, Cars and More in

My only complaint is the battery life. We have to charge it daily. Otherwise, I would absolutely give it a 5 star. I use the Trax on my Dachs dog and my car.